Laser Hair Removal

Brazilian Hair Removal
Removes all or almost all pubic hair.

$150 - 30 Minute Service

Bikini Hair Removal
A bikini line laser hair removal treatment typically covers up to three inches beyond the line.

$99- 15 Minute Service

Breast/Areola Hair Removal
Areola laser hair removal is a popular treatment for women.

$40 - 15 Minute Service

Chest Hair Removal
Full chest hair removal treatment options covers the entire chest region.

$125 - 30 Minute Service

Neck Hair Removal
Great for removing unwanted neck beards.

$65 - 15 Minute Service

Chin or Upper Hair Removal
Laser hair removal is well-suited for removing excess hair from the face.

$60 - 15 Minute Service

Ear Hair Removal
Laser ear hair removal is a simple process.

$40 - 15 Minute Service

Full Back Hair Removal
Laser Hair Removal for back hair is the most popular service among our male clients.

$195 - 30 Minute Service